Icinga plugins not matching values on check commands with CLI top command values

hello dear members,
i would like to ask about a problem that i am dealing with on icinga2 web interface.
i have created commands for checking i.e cpu_load on a server .
i have installed via wizard the key on client and there is connection between client and server icinga.
When i am using check command to monitor cpu_load on a server i am getting values that are not mathcing with values on CLI using linux command i.e. top ,

what am i doing wrong ?

Hello @cbabekos!

What exactly doesn’t match?


Hi @Al2Klimov ,
sorry for the latest response.

The Icinga values for cpu_load using check_ssh don’t match with values when I am using atop on Terminal.
I compare the values to see if the service template for cpu_load works.


Please could you share example values?

Hi @Al2Klimov ,
I am posting the cpu_load values OK - load average: 0.11, 0.19, 0.15
Also, I am posting the values from CLI using top command to check CPU load avg.
load average: 0.64, 0.50, 0.62

The avg values have differences. why ?