Icinga for Sports Analitics

Hello everyone, I’m looking for a solution for visualizing and processing data for sports events.

We implement the process when a match is on and the system automatically detects the event (red card, penalty) and related variables (players, time, position on the field), we are going to monitor a large number of matches and all information needs to be compiled, processed and visualized.

In search of this solution, I found your service, tell me, those who use and develop on this platform:
-How much is the system stress-resistant? the main thing that worries me is hacking against the background of loads
-How much is it resource demanding? if, for example, 10000 requests per minute go, is this normal for her?
-Is the api fully written? Or maybe you’ve come across some of the features “coming in the future”?

I will be glad to any answer, thanks!

Hi @kakrton,
I am not sure if icinga2 is the you are looking for. It is intended as a monitoring solution for computer networks, meaning it will periodically check certain things and notify administrators or try to solve the problem itself.
What exactly are you trying to implement? If it’s about data analytics (including visualisation), it might be the wrong software for you.

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Hello, i think an ELK stack (Elastic Search + Logstash + Kibana) or it’s paid equivalent, Splunk may be closer to what you are looking for, as @lorenz written it, icinga is meant for collecting data to monitor a network or servers for admins.

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@lorenz I am developing a live event analytics system for http://1x-rate.com/ and am currently looking for data visualization solutions for analysts and clients.

@Someone thanks, very interesting approach. I will learn more about it.

Your service was recommended to me, but apparently there was some misunderstanding.

Good luck and all the best.