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Hi, everyone,
I am new to Icinga, I have a few questions if someone answers me ASAP because if it works for me I have to deploy it, please

  1. How many maximum nodes does Icinga support?
  2. Does Icinga has a paid version?
    3)if yes, what addition in the paid version?
    4)How many maximum DB nodes i can monitor e.g for SQL, Oracle?
  3. Does it auto-discover IT assets? if yes, how? Does any module require?
  4. Does it support HCI solutions like VM ware, Sanfor, and H3C?
  5. Does it support UPS/ power monitoring SNMP protocol?

Note :
I already try to contact sales but I am continuously getting an error, So
If someone has a lot of experience with this tool kindly mail me so we can have a small chat


Question 1:

Icinga does not have a maximum number of nodes. My Icinga environment has 1x database server, 1x master 01 and 1x master02 and a satellite in each network.

Question 2:
Icinga does not have a paid version. It is Open Source. Icinga is only payable if you have your environment managed by a service provider such as Netways.

Question 3:
You can automate your IT assets. As a module I recommend the icinga director. You can extend your Icinga monitoring functions with your own checks or checks from the community.
For automation, I currently rely on Powershell and Ansible.

Question 4:
Why not? I monitor my ESX and VCenter as well. I do the VM monitoring agent based.

Question 5:
Yes, I also monitor our APC UPS myself. With SNMP you can monitor a lot of things like NAS, Storage, Switches etc… There are many checks on the Internet, some I have programmed myself.

My recommendation is that you read up on Icinga in the Icinga documentation. The advantage of Icinga is clearly that it is open source and therefore has a lot of freedom. I myself check over 2000 services and monitor IT and non-IT solutions. Non-IT in this case is monitoring pumps or temperature of server rooms. Learning Icinga » Documentation, Live Demo, Trainings

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