Icinga.com fails to respond to requests from certain IP addresses

I was not really sure where should I put this report so I came here.
While using Digital Ocean I observed issues fetching data from icinga.com - download rpm package.

I thought it could be on DO side, because for some hosts it worked and for some didn’t.
It turned out that the problem is global with any domain request.

This is what I got:

I think I’ve spotted what’s going on here. http://icinga.com/ isn’t actually failing to route. Rather, they’re not wanting to respond to requests from certain IP addresses at their web server. I’ve verified this by running the following command separately and seeing a successful route at every location:

mtr -4Trwbzc100 http://icinga.com/

This is further verified by attempting to cURL the main page of http://icinga.com/ and receiving an immediate response of “Connection refused” rather than the timeout that we’d expect if we were having a routing issue. This can be tested on your end with the following:

curl -Il http://icinga.com/

Are you the operator of http://icinga.com/? If so, you’ll want to review IP address range blocks and relax them to allow requests from these data centers. If not, you’ll need to reach out to the respective administrators of http://icinga.com/ and relay this request. Whether they act upon it or not is unfortunately outside of our ability to interfere. (…)

I am attaching image from my diagnostics:

The issue was not present at the beginning of June. I’ve definitely seen it 2 weeks ago but thought it was temporary. Seems it’s not.

There was a DDoS recently with IP ranges being mitigated. Please get in touch via info@icinga.com


Thank You for fast response, I’ve send them email :slight_smile: