Icinga add http service without adding hosts

Hi ,

When i am adding icinga http check as per below format

object Host " a" {
check_command = “http”
address = XXXXXXXXX
vars.http_vhosts[“https /”] = {
http_ssl = true
http_uri = “/health”

It checks for the http uri but also checking fo the host connectivity from master node and fails as we dont have connectivity b/w servers , But i dont want the slave host to g be monitored , only http checks as services to be monitored

Please suggest me workaround for the same


create a normal service and apply it to the master - something like this:

apply Service "http-health" {
    import "generic-service"

    check_command = "http"
    vars.http_address = "XXXXXXXXX"
    vars.http_ssl = true
    vars.http_uri = "/health"

    assign where //your master here

Available http command parameters can be found here.


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