Icinga 2 not showing host templates

Hi, I have a Problem:
I cant see my Host templates, hosts, etc.
However, I imoported them from my old icinga configuration into my new Docker Environment (The templates.conf and hosts.conf files).

  • Operating System debian 10
  • Icinga Web 2 version (2.9.5)
  • Icinga installed in Docker Environment

This is my Hosts conf:


This is my Hosts overview:

Hi David,

this is intended behavior. The director only imports external check command definitions as well as zone and endpoint configuration during its Kickstart Wizard, because parallel usage of Icinga2 configuration via files and Director is not encouraged. Best practice would be to manually recreate your file-based configuration in the director and dismiss the config files afterwards.


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Thanks For the answer Daniel,
I tought I could take a shortcut, and import all the host files to my new Icinga environment.
Now it seems like there are occuring Problems.

faithfully yours,