Icinga 2 Check Device

Hello, I want to check some Devices on Clients like /dev/sda and so one. There is a script on the clients under the Nagios plugins check_device.sh. The result should be whether the device is available or not. For more Information please send a message or Does anyone have a tip on how I can implement this on the Icinga Master

First off, you need a transport method, e.g. an agent on that host which can execute the script. In this case, I’d suggest to setup an Icinga 2 client and connect it to the master host. To get a better picture, please check the distributed monitoring docs first :slight_smile:

You’ll need to prepare the master with the node wizard CLI command, and then install the agent for a Linux host.

Since you’re using a custom plugin script, you’ll also need to define a new CheckCommand definition on the master (e.g. in the global zone named global-templates) and let that sync to the agent too.

It also might be a good idea to just install the monitoring plugins package and use check_disk. The CheckCommand for this is already provided in the Icinga Template Library (ITL) as disk.


  • Prepare the master for distributed setups
  • Generate a ticket for the agent’s FQDN
  • Setup the agent with Icinga 2
  • Optional: Create a new CheckCommand for your plugin script and put it onto a global config sync zone
  • Define a service apply rule which uses the command_endpoint execution method on the agent
  • Define the host object for this agent on the master