How to upgrade Icingaweb2 and Icinga2 manually

Hi Team,

We are planning to upgrade our Icinga2 and Icingaweb2 instances to the latest version and I found some docs on the Icinga documentation page but there seems to be no information on how to do a manual upgrade.

Our Servers have no internet access so we have to download the packages manually and install them.

Please help us with the procedure and if some docs are available.

Current versions:

Icinga2 version: 2.11.5-1
Icingaweb2 version: 2.7.3
PHP Version : 7.0.7
Git commit date :- 2019-10-18

Appreciate your support.

Hey @dilip,
this depends on your distribution and if you have purchased the download subscription (only applies to SLES- and RHEL-based distributions)

Hi @nexo1960,

Yes, we have purchased the subscription and I’m looking out for a manual installable(Upgrade).

Dilip Velu

Hi @dilip,
it still depends on your distibution.
e.g. yum/yumdownloader can be used on RHEL based systems: