How to run a script file stored in another node?

Hi guys,
I’ve configured the Icinga to work as a distributed system.
My master node is located in a different network that my satellites.
I installed the icingaweb just on the master node and on the other nodes just icinga.
It is working very well, but I need to created some scripts on master node to be used on satellites without send the script file to each node.
How can I configure this way on Director.

Hi & welcome to the icinga community,

the director cannot configured to distribute scripts. This is a common task for ansible, chef, puppet, saltstack etc. However, you could “misuse” icinga’s config distribution and e.g. create a global zone scripts having those scripts stored there. BTW, this will not work for binaries.

Hi Roland
And how can I configure a global service?

Global zones are configured in zones.conf

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