How to prevent Icinga to show soft state criticals?

At the moment i do facing the problem that we get soft state criticals all the time. That means the alert will be shown in our webui as critical with soft state 1/3, then 2/3 and is getting then in hard state 3/3.

Is there a possibilty to only show the hard state criticals instead of let popping up all the soft state ones?

Thank you in advance.

The default behavior of Icingaweb is to show the status as it is written in the database, so when a check is listed as soft state critical the WebUI will display it.

It might be possible to show only the hard states, but for that you will need to alter the code of the WebUI and maybe also the SQL ( and no Redis ) queries.


are we talking about a single client or the behaviour in general? I don’t have a icingaweb instance availble right now but if we’re just talking about a single client (i.e. a big screen in the office) this should be possible by applying a filter. I’m just not sure if that works with automatic reloads, etc.

Another solution for that use-case with a single screen although you’re a bit on your own there could be icinga-dashing. There it’s pretty easy to alter the existing queries, hide panels or add new ones.


Thank you very much for the explaination.