How to monitor multiple instances of the same program?

Hello Icinga Community!

I have started to build my icinga infrastructure.
Now I want to monitor my web service instances I have running on a windows server.
They are basically just one program.exe file launched multiple times with different command line arguments telling them to behave in a unique way.
They can be identified in the Task Manager by their unique “MainWindowTitle”, which tells what they are and what they do.
To monitor each instance’s memory an cpu usage I wrote my own c# check and and wanted to identify them by “system.diagnostics.process.mainwindowtitle”.
However this always returns empty when ran by the icinga agent. They always work when ran from cmd directly, even on the server.

After some research I found that the icinga agent is ran as a windows service which has a limited scope and is also not able to process window titles.
What I can read are:

Is it possible to run the icinga agent a regular program?
Is there some workaround for that?

Thanks for looking at it and kind regards

Have you tried running the Icinga 2 Agent service as a different user?
Default is most likely ‘NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService’, you could try running it as ‘NT AUTHORITY\LocalService’ or ‘NT Authority\SYSTEM’.

If that does not help you could also run the service with a domain user that has the needed rights.