How to monitor a web server

Yonas Habteab wrote a very nice blog post about how to monitor a web server:

Unfortunately he didn’t reveal how he came up with the cool teaser image at the start of his article.
Actually, that was the only reason why I started reading it… :slight_smile:

Could Yonas (or someone else) enlighten us please?


My guess is they used a stock photo, which is a little odd (imho) for a blog at specifically about icinga’s capabilities. The x-axis does not appear to be a timeseries.

You may want to check out collectd, statsd, carbon/graphite/grafana. grafana can be used with icinga2 perf data (in addition to other sources) or viewed directly in icingaweb2 with the graphite module.

Edit: Confirmed with TinEye search (803 results): TinEye Reverse Image Search