How to enable check if another goes in critical

I need to monitor 2 servers with mysql in both, one is master with mysql service running and other is slave with service stopped.
Both are under monitor for all classic services.
I need to monitor port 3306 on the master but if it goes critical the control must be activated on the slave. It’s possible?


I do this by having 3 servers as far as Icinga is concerned.

One is the master, one is the slave - these are monitored for everything that
should be running all the time (ie: not MySQL)

The third machine is the “HA cluster address” (ie: whatever it is that clients
requiring MySQL service point to), and this monitors MySQL and anything

That way you have service checks telling you about the health of each real
server, plus checks telling whether the clustered service is available, no
matter which machine is providing it (and that’s all the remote clients care
about anyway).


Great solution sir, thank you…solved in one seconds.
Thanks again