How to disable downtimes mail notifications


We have configured downtimes in our infrastructure for daily scheduled maintenance or backup processes, but every time the downtime started we received an e-mail notification with “DOWNTIMESTART” or “DOWNTIMEEND” subject.

How can we avoid to receive these e-mail notifications?.

This is an example of our downtimes.conf configuration file:

apply ScheduledDowntime “Server–Service-downtime” to Service {
author = “icingaadmin”
comment = “Scheduled downtime for backup”

ranges = {
monday = “00:00-02:00”
tuesday = “00:00-02:00”
wednesday = “00:00-02:00”
thursday = “00:00-02:00”
friday = “00:00-02:00”
saturday = “00:00-02:00”
sunday = “00:00-02:00”
assign where match(“Service*”,

Our Icinga2 version is r2.10.4-1 and Icinga2 web version is v.2.6.2.

Thanks in advance,

Jordi G.

you configure this at your notification command - look here -

Imo template, not command :wink:

You could also limit this at the user level and remove the DOWNTIMESTART and DOWNTIMEEND from the user/user template

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yes you’re right. Thanks for the correction - answer quick and parallel to work ist not allways good :slight_smile: