How to configure the third party ENDPOINT in Icinga2 to receive the alerts from Icinga2?

Hi Team,

We are using the ServiceNow Event Management Pull Connector to pull the alerts from Icinga2.
The ServiceNow connector uses the Icinga2 restAPIs to pull service and host alerts. Currently, we are missing an alerts issues in the ServiceNow instance. It seems that Icinga2 rest APIs are not pulling all the alerts(SOFT and HARD).
Is there any way that we can configure the ServiceNow endpoint in the icinga2 environment and then Icinga2 will send the alerts to ServiceNow whenever any alerts are generated?

Icinga Web 2 Version 2.10.0

Loaded Libraries


Loaded Modules

director 1.8.1 Configure
incubator 0.6.0 [Configure]
ipl v0.5.0 [Configure]
monitoring 2.10.0
reactbundle 0.9.0
setup 2.10.0
test 2.10.0

A soft state means no alert is send. If you want to grab all information you can push to ServiceNow via Event Handler. If you use the Icinga API, I think, you can only get the current state and so you can miss information between runs.