How do you get the business process module to show a WARNING status?

I’ve been tinkering around with the business process module. I’ve created a process, and under that process I’ve created a node. Within that node are 2 more nodes, and within those are 4 nodes each. I’ve tested all of the possible operators at different levels, and I can only get either OK or CRITICAL. Is there any way to trigger a WARNING based on a certain number of nodes within a node being in a CRITICAL state?

For example:
I have a Node that is ‘example host’. Inside that I have nodes called “example host PING” and “example host HTTP”. Inside the ping nodes are 4 host children. Then in the HTTP node, theres 4 service children.
I would like to have a WARNING state if 1-2 of children are CRITICAL in any node.

Is this possible?

Any advice out there?