How do i get a notification if my checks are late?


my question is:
If my checks are late, how do i get notifications?
I found a tutorial online but didnt understand it :sweat_smile:

Could someone explain how i can konfigurate this?

edit: Im working with the director.


Hi - why are your checks late? As a rule, checks are delayed to prevent notifications, e.g. during any downtimes you set. /kb

This is the right question, imo.
Does your server have a high load? Are there checks running very long blocking the queue?
Too many concurrent checks (in a short time)?


my checks can be late if for example the firewall is closed.
If someone activated the firewall to early or removed the needed port, i will not see this because the icinga dont send a message.

I’m confused?! :confused:
Why not just implement a check that tests the ports reachability? Or use something behind the FW to check reachability.
Sounds like a very complicated way what you are trying to achieve (“von hinten durch die Brust ins Auge” would be the German proverb :wink: )


Da hab ich wohl den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht gesehen :sweat_smile:
I had this Idea and was too focused on it
To check the Port is a good Idea i will do it like this :smiley: