How best can icinga2 be installed

Hello all

I will roll out Icinga via satellite to our customers.
Currently the setup is like this:

  • Satellite VM on customer’s ESXi
  • Satellite establishes a tunnel to our Master / Parent via OpenVPN

That’s good, but it’s problematic in many ways:

What happens if the ESXi crashes on the satellite or the network connection is lost?
What if the customer’s Internet connection fails?
That’s why I want something independent:

Meraki Z3 costs us as NFR with 3-year license 150.-

Raspberry or banana phi as an independent Icinga satellite.

HP or Lenovo Mini as an independent satellite
LTE stick as failover to Meraki, in case the Internet drops when customers fail.

What do yo all think

You can use puppet for example to have everything installed and kept in place, this is the official puppet module.

As for connection issues, that can happen in every setup. Icinga agents store their checkresults and other information in that case and send it to the master once the connection is available again.