? HostTemplate -> How to create vars.notifications["mail"] = {groups = ["unix"]}

Trying to give director a shot…
I have a handful of templates/hosts/services manually created. I will (one-by-one) remove the manual configs as I create them in director.

First speed bump is… I cannot figure out how to create this structure in the hosttemplate.
Could use a helping hand here

My manual configuration:

template Host “unix” {
import “host-check-alarm-settings”
vars.notification[“mail”] = { groups = [ “unix” ] }

Do I go with a data list then a data field (array)?
Anyone care to share some screenshots of a similar director config?

Actually you can’t, you’ll need to find/use a different pattern to match the apply rules for notifications. The Director as a config frontend doesn’t support nested dictionaries.

thank you @dnsmichi for the quick response.
back to the drawing board for this.

Although while director doesn’t support this, I would assume there is no harm in using this form with out using director?