Host overview custom variable shows key instead of label

Hello everyone,

after a few hours of abusing google looking for an answer i finally gave up and kindly ask for your support :slight_smile:

My issue: In the overview of a host are the custom variables shown like this:


I can only see the keys and not the labels as i would expect. For example, the liste of “devicetype” looks like this:


Is there a way to change the behaviour in the host overview? It would be so much more comfort if we could see directly the type of device, building, office…

Thanks in advance

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this is not possible. The labels you’re talking about are from the Director and the monitoring module has no notion of them. You’ll see the labels only in the Director.

Though, you could open a feature request over at Icinga DB Web, as I think this is a valid suggestion and we could definitely think of a solution here. :slight_smile:

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