Host Identification Check


I’m wondering if the “hostalive” can be used to identify a type of host e.g. VM, hypervisor, DB host etc.
I don’t want to setup a separate service for the identification but rather a something implicit check like “hostalive”. I don’t know if there is any like it in ITL.

Please advice



Just a counter question: How should that work, that a simple ping/icmp can identify the type of a host? A ping sends only a echo request to a host. And this one answers if reachable.

And just for understanding: Why you want to identify a type of host? What is the use case? Do you need the data for another check?


Hostalive isn’t able to do this and the ITL does not provide such an approach. But you can write a check_plugin on your own using e.g. OS Detection. But I’d not expect very reliable results.

I get it that the “hostalive” use “check_ping” plugin so it can’t be used. I will have to write a plugin or find other ways to identify a host type.