History filter host state down

Good morning everyone,

is there a way to filter in the event history for host state down?

I’d tryed things like
but that didn’t work.

Best regards Alicia

Try 0 instead of the string variant.

Thanks, that works to only see every warning or critical, if i add a filter to object type = hostI only see all host states with all notifications and acknowledgements. Is there a way to exclude the notifications and acknowledgments?
Or better, is the some documentation of the possible filters?

Found a solution:


Sorry, need more coffee today. 0 is definitely not what you need, 1 is correct with adding the object type to the filter. Docs don’t exist for the filter unfortunately, and likely won’t be written for the old IDO backend filter providers.

No problem, the importent hint was to use the exit code instead of a string :slight_smile:

Is there a plan for a migration to a new backend? I only read that there will come something new…

It is on the TODO list, yes. More updates will follow on the blog.

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