Help Distributed monitoring HA


I would like to upgrade my icinga to icinga2 distributed monitoring. l have 4 differents sites.
I would like to have 1 master and 1 satellite in each site. All of the master have the icinga2web to check their own site. And I want one of the 4 sites to have all the other sites in the web interface.
Is this possible ?
I’m traiinning with this mode but in the doc i don’t find if i can do my configuration.

Thanks and sorry for my poor english… :slight_smile:

you are better of with having 2 masters in the main site and a satellite in each site reporting to the masters, that will give you the visibility on a single location with distributed monitoring for each site.

Web interface shows what is in the database so technically you can connect the Web to read the central DB and show all the sites.

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Yes, it’s possible. However, the concept is different and I’d recommend to learn the basics first e.g. starting here. It’s crucial to understand the zones concept.

You can have only one master in a distributed environment. All other sites are satellites and have the master as its parent. The master and every satellite can have its own web interface and will even work if the master is not reachable. The master as well as every satellite can be deployed as single or HA setup.

Thanks for the reply.
I will do what Roland Sommer said.
Because i need to have the web interface on each site.
But if the satellite have the web interface, it’s connected to the master ido ? Then if my network is down between my 2 sites, the remote satellite who have the web interface will not work ?

You configure IDO on every satellite locally and connect Icingweb to it.

Yes it work’s. Thanks for that. :slight_smile: