Has monitoring-portal.org been shut down?

Good morning !

Don’t know, if i missed any announcement or similar. Does anybody know, if monitoring-portal.org has been shut down or moved anywhere else ?

I have a lot of bookmarks, references, etc. to it which don’t work anymore. At least i was still able to access it 2-3 weeks ago …

Thanks a lot in advance for a short feedback !

P.S. : as the MX record points to lazyfrosch, it is not completly off-topic here, i guess.

Yes I’ve helped in terms of hosting.

Michael has shut it down due to continued GDPR deletion requests.

Since there is no good way to transfer the forum in its current state to another entity, it will simply be deleted.


Thank you for the information @mfrosch.

It’s actually a pitty, but it is as it is. At least it is a good opportunity to see if some old topics are still interesting and will be discussed here.


You might get lucky if you put the URL in the Wayback Machine: Monitoring Portal

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