Graphite show in Icingaweb2 not Graph from Windows Maschines

Hello everybody,

I have the following problem.
Nothing is shown to me in Icingaweb2 for the module Grapfite for Icinga2 for my Windows machines.

These check commands are defined in the templates.
I have a mixed environment. The Linux & Unix Services there the performance data is correctly displayed to me.

Yesterday I installed the latest agent v2.12.3 on a machine as a test. But unfortunately no improvement.

I also see in the log files that data is being queried from the Windows hosts there, but in Icinga I only see “No graphs found” in the Graphite Module.

Can someone tell me what the problem here might be?


I could solve the problem myself. I have named the service e.g. CPU Load (Windows) only as “Name”. Unfortunately the problem is that when I take () no graphs are shown or no data is collected. After I only renamed the name via the director from the service to CPU Load - Windows it worked. I think the error should be reproducible.

Many greetings