Graphite graphs bot displaying on pdf export

Dear team Good day

Graphite graphs are displaying properly on icinga
But graphs are not displaying while doing pdf export

Please advice
Thanks in advance

pdfexport icingaweb2
graphite version


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Hello @krishna and thank you for reporting!

The error message which hides behind the graph placeholders sounds like the browser rendering the PDF gets something other than an image, e.g. an error response. Please check your Icinga Web 2 / Graphite Web access logs while exporting the PDF.



Hi @Al2Klimov

Thanks for the reply

Still i am facing the issue my Graphite web access logs are correct

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You may also try capturing Icinga Web<->Chrome renderer traffic via Wireshark and see what kind of response do you get on requesting the graph images.

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For this particular problem I have already open an issue. Developer didn’t answered for a while, so I’m not quite sure if there have been changed something since then.

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