File Not Found

Alright so i’ve currently reinstalled icinga2 the 2nd time and i am unable to find the problem.
When entering the website, i just see the “file not found” - info. Error message in fastcgi is that the primary script is not found. I found a couple of topics, related to it, but i never found where the script should be located at. Tried a lot of things, reinstalling single modules etc.
Only thing i could imagine, is that maybe some needed dependencies (php.*) are missing, but what do i know…
Could someone please just tell me where the cgi would be stored by default?

Give as much information as you can, e.g.

Versions are not really relevant in this topic, but icinga2 and web are the latest, as well as nginx. Only thing that isnt up to date, is the php versions as 8.1 and up is not working currently. Thats why 8.0 is installed.

I would appreciate any info/help. Thanks in advance.

Manual webserver configuration is covered in the documentation.

The entry point is usually /usr/share/icingaweb2/public/index.php.

Yeah but my problem is, that the public folder doesnt exist. Is there a missing dependency thats accountable for that? I dont even want to manually configure it, atleast not yet.

You need to install Icinga Web 2 of course. Icinga 2 itself is just the service/daemon performing the checks.

I had icingaweb2 installed, thats what was strange about it. Just the public folder was missing.
Either way i reinstalled it, and it should work now. Thanks for your help.

PS: I thought it was a webserver based problem, and was trying everything around that.