Failed connect port

sudo icinga2 node wizard

i set master modify bind port to Bind Port []: 52113
this now no problem
but i login http://xxxxx/icingaweb2
add Service Templates and host Templates

Activity Log

deploy pending

found error :
CURL ERROR: Failed to connect to port 5665: Connection refused

Modifying the bind port is not recommended, the Director expects that to be listening on port 5665. Edit /etc/icinga2/features-enabled/api.conf and remove the bind_* attributes, then restart Icinga 2.

You can change the port for the Endpoint (config master) inside the Director by going to Director -> Icinga Infrastructure -> Endpoints and then choose the endpoint with the deploy icon next to it.

thank you and thank michael

i modify /etc/icinga2/zones.conf
add port.

object Endpoint “” {
port = 52113

restart icinga2
now deploy is ok.

Ah, actually I wanted to reply here, seem to be the same posts.

IP adress issue with Icinga Director - #4 by dnsmichi

Keep in mind that changing the port to something is non-standard and others likely won’t be able to help you in this regard. Everyone expects that port 5665 is used for Icinga distributed environments.

en tks. i konw. but default port not let use。