External Commands Fields deleted by accident


i have deleted a field from an external Command by accident in th director. Is it possible to restore them? Or do i have to define them by my self now?

Not sure what happens if you re-run the kickstart wizard. It might have been persisted in the database.

i ran the kickstart again but they dont show up again.

there is a “restore previous item” in the director.
If that does not work , then you may need to restore the values manually.

This change is not into the deployment, so i cant restore it.

i will add them manually again tomorrow.

When Director imports command definitions, it imports all variable assignments into DB, but does not create the corresponding variables in Director (you see assignments in config preview, but there is no way to change it). The easiest way to recover or change this “hidden” assignments is to create the variable in Director and add the field to command.
Another way is to edit Director’s DB directly- but be very careful.

I always clone command definitions from imported configs to be able to change settings within Director.
Sometimes checkscripts offer new/changed parameters with newer checkscript versions.

Director currently does not import all parameters from predefined libraries, i.e. the flag for mandatory fields or descriptions for fields - maybe a feature request??


This is a great Idea. I will do this now too.
I wont work directly in the DB i think it is to dangerous.
I will mark this question als answered.

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