Execvpe(/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_mem.pl) failed: No such file or directory

I’ve applied the mem check to my linux service template but get " execvpe(/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_mem.pl) failed: No such file or directory" when it executes.

I am aware I can download check_mem.pl and i’ve tested this manually on a single client, however I take it I shouldn’t do this per client though if using director.

If I want to roll out this check_mem.pl can I have director deploy this out so I only have to download it the one time? If so how do I go about configuring that?



The Director manages and deploys configuration to Icinga 2 Core via REST API. It does not implement the entire management lifecycle with software installation and package management. Neither does it deploy plugin scripts.

You can do so by integrating management tools like Puppet or Ansible, in combination with Foreman. That way your environment is fully managed and automated, and plugin installation is not done by hand anymore.

Nevertheless, if you’re adding this now in the Director, you need to ensure that the plugin script is available for execution on the remote client/agent. That being said, SSH there and install it (might need additional Perl libraries which must be installed beforehand).


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