Eventhandler - execute some python scripts from master or satellite only

Hi all,

I was playing for a while with event handler feature. Not sure if I am understanding how it is working but today I just figure it out that event handler pythons script is trying to be executed by default on the endpoint or client side (setup master->satellite->endpoint). I was using icinga director to create event handler command.

What should do to force icinga2 to execute event handler python script only on master side or satellite not to be executed on endpoint side?

Did also like this from documentation https://icinga.com/docs/icinga2/latest/doc/03-monitoring-basics/#event-commands but have found only in log on endpoint side that is trying to be executed on the client side. In debug log on master and satellite found found something like this “[2019-09-30 12:22:20 +0200] notice/Checkable: Executing event handler ‘send_to’ for checkable ‘winsrv1!svc_cert_expired_check’”

I was playing with zones and when I changed the zone from satellite to master then event handler is working but unfortunately service check itsefl it is not working cause it was in the wrong zone and I got unknown service state.

I did and try a lot of stuff from internet and forums but unfortunately didn’t find out how to force event handler to be executed only on master.

Is it possible to specify to trigger some kind python script on master side only?

Thx a lot. Sorry if I missed some where some kind post/thread but in this moment I am sure that I have check every single one on the internet regarding icinga and event handler.

Thx in advance

Hi, just wanted to give you update that we have created custom notification command, template, rules, etc. There is lot of options to use on this way. You can specify on which state it will be triggered some python script for example. So far I like this custom notification stuff :=).


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