Edit warning / critical for service

I’m looking to modify the “warning” and “critical” of some service do you know or I can modify this?
Thank you

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First off, please share some more insights of your environment - how did you install Icinga, and how did you actually configure it - with static config files, using the Director or something else (Puppet, etc.)?


Hello Michael,

I installed icinga2 in SSH under a 64-bit Linux 9.8 virtual machine.
I then configure it as a static configuration file with Putty on the server.
Specifically, I am looking to modify the % warning and critical of the memory and CPU check of my hosts.

I join the configuration file screen for the CPU and memory check service



since you’re using the nscp_api command, there’s an attribute to pass additional query parameters available.

The detailed list of parameters can be found in the NSClient++ docs for check_cpu.


  vars.nscp_api_arguments = [ "show-all", "warning='load>40'" ]


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Thanks for your help :grinning: