Edit service for a group of hosts

Using Director I configured a host with some custom settings, including a higher load average. Then I cloned the host for all other hosts of the same type. Now it appears that the load average is still set too low. I’d like to raise the critical level for each host.

How can I edit a service for multiple hosts?
Is it possible to update a single host and apply it as a template to other existing hosts?
What suggestions come to mind for this situation?

Icinga Web 2 Version 2.11.4
director 1.9.1

You could use a host template for all of these hosts and add corresponding variables to it. You could then define “default” values within this host template and they could then be overwritten at each host individually.

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Thanks for your reply! Is a “host template” what I see under “Imports” in host properties?

Yes, you are right .

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