Dynamic URLs in service template notes_url


I would like to provide a link to my documentation in a service template. Two parameters are variable in the url (host and command). I use macros for this.
No host macro other than $host_name$ is replaced. Because of the inheritance hierarchy my approach doesn’t work I believe. After all, the service does not inherit from the host…
Is it possible to replace host macros in a service object? Is there another solution for this?
I use the director to create my configurations.

All services inherit from this template:

template Service "base service" {
    notes_url = "https://wiki.net/doku.php?id=$host_name$#$display_name$"

This will work. But when I would like to replace the display_name of the host it wouldnt:

template Service "base service" {
    notes_url = "https://wiki.net/doku.php?id=$host.display_name$#$display_name$"