Duplicate rootfs service icinga2

Hello, I apologize if I am asking maybe a repetitive situation, but so far I could`t find anything that is related to my issue.

Straight to the subject, I have a host( actually multiple hosts) configured in services.conf to check disk fs size for rootfs, but somehow after I added the new configuration, i noticed that in the web interface it`s showing me twice the service.

this is how my configuration looks like:

// Disk Usage Check
apply Service “Host - Disk - NFS” {
check_command = “disk”
vars.disk_exclude_type = [“overlay”,“tmpfs”,“nsfs”,“sysfs”,“shm”,“debugfs”,“tracefs”,“nfs”,“squashfs”]
vars.disk_partitions = [“/”]
vars.disk_ignore_ereg_path = [“/var/lib/kubelet/pods”]
vars.disk_warning = “80%”
vars.disk_critical = “90%”
command_endpoint = host.vars.client_endpoint
assign where host.name == “host1” || host.name == “host2”



As you can see in the picture the second one “Host - Disk - NFS” is the one that I configured. No idea from where is the “Host - Disk” one. Can someone point out where I can find the configuration of “Host - Disk” so I can remove it or adapt it differently, there is not located into the services.conf file.

Thank you, I hope everything makes sense, my Icinga is running on ubuntu in a container.

You can use icinga2 object list -n "Host - Disk" to get information about where it is defined.

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Hi Roland, thank you for your reply, sadly there are no findings. only when i put just “Disk” but there is nothing there with “Host - Disk”. You might have other ideas?

You need to use the exact name of that service (which I obviously cannot identify for you hard copies). If you’re still struggling with the name, you could read the full object list (icinga2 object list | less) to find it manually.

Hi Roland, thank you for your suggestion, I will have a look what I can find. All the best!

Hello Roland, sadly I couldn`t find anything that would bring up these type of configurations, do you have an idea of a standard configuration location for checking the file-systems, I went through all the configuration files and there is really nothing.