Does icinga2 IDO support mysql 8?

Hi, I am trying to switch to mysql 8.0 from mysql 5.5. Ran into this dependency issue when trying to install icinga2-ido-mysql package:
Error: Package: icinga2-ido-mysql-2.13.2-1.el7.icinga.x86_64 (icinga2)
I do have mysql-community 8.0.27 installed. And is pointing to:
/usr/lib64/mysql/ →
/usr/lib64/mysql/ →

Wondering if anyone ever run into the same problem, and if there is a workaround/solution.
Thanks in advance!

  • Version used (icinga2 --version)
    icinga2 2.13.2
  • Operating System and version
    Redhat Enterprise Server 7.6
  • Enabled features (icinga2 feature list)
  • Icinga Web 2 version and modules (System - About)
  • Config validation (icinga2 daemon -C)
  • If you run multiple Icinga 2 instances, the zones.conf file (or icinga2 object list --type Endpoint and icinga2 object list --type Zone) from all affected nodes

While it is build against the system’s MySQL client library, using MySQL 8 as server is no problem. So I am not sure if it is easily resolved by excluding the client library from the MySQL repository, but this would be my first try.

Dirk - thanks for the reply.
I tried installing mysql-community-server 8.0.27 only, but it depends on mysql-community-client >=8.0.11.
I could download icinga2-ido-mysql rpm and install it with --nodeps option, but not sure if that will be a potential problem later on…