Does Icinga have root cause analysis or is it done in conjunction with a third party system?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like Icinga does not have a direct root cause analysis implementation. I’m wondering how this is done in Icinga and if this functionality can be replicated. The problem detection/RCA Zabbix has is essentially the functionality I’m looking for.

Are there plugins that filter through error messages to detect the root cause of a problem? Are Icinga connected to other third party systems through an API to provide this functionality?

Hi !

Can you please be more specific what kind of functionality you are looking for ?
Because as far as i can guess at the moment is that you want to use a third party tool like say ‘elasticsearch’ and filter the check command results for errors that have the same cause.

In case of the above example there is a beat we provide to send Data to elasticsearch … if i might be wrong with my interpretation would you be so kind to be more specific what you want to achieve ?