Docs to outline configs in /etc/icinga2 vs in Director - external vs internal

I read a message that briefly describes the idea that we should build basic zones and endpoints and the structural hierarchy of our distributed monitoring in disk configs (like in zones.conf) and then associate all the hosts and services in Director.

Is there an overview in the documentation of this breakdown and the sequence of how to build this external structure vs the internal structure

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I am not aware of an overview, only the warning text on the infrastructure tab to not create endpoints and zones there.

The reason for this recommendation is, that icinga2 needs to know the zone already during configuration validation to read local files and synchronization working probably.

So my recommendation is to only configure this “infrastructure” in file, so zones and endpoints for all masters and satellites, one global for the configuration shared between masters and satellites, one for linux agents and one for windows agents.
Also the API users I create in file typically located in /etc/icinga2/zones.d/master/ as it allows to define finer permissions than the director UI. All other objects I create in the director if possible! So sometimes a command is so special it can only be created on disk and in very rare cases also an apply rule for something else, but I try to avoid this.

With only this very little configuration is on disk and no problems with conflicting configuration should happen, so after a reload of icinga2 and a kickstart run, objects should be available in the director. This is necessary at the start to use the zones and commands and can be repeated without problems every time something on the disk changed (including an update changing something in the ITL).

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Thank you, Dirk. I appreciate your help. I will take note of the parts you’ve described and better understand which parts to set up on traditional disk and which to set up in director.

As with many projects, I’ve been very bus with another project, so I will be back in a month or so to continue with this Icinga project and your help will start me back where I was.

Again, thank you.