Distributed Monitoring

Has anyone every set up a cluster with a master, satellite, and client?

If so, how do you get the client check results on the Master icingaweb2?

I used the node wizard to connect the Master to the Satellite, but I used NRPE to do the check commands on the Satellite.

Essentially, I want to pull all the Satellite Service checks to the Master.


the icinga docs have extensive background on distributed monitoring and agent based checks. As it is now your questions are too broad for me to give a satisfying answer.


ensure to put the host/service objects into the satellite zone in the zones.d tree, allowing them being synced from the config master to the satellite(s). The satellite themselve schedules the checks then, and whether this works as Icinga agent or via SSH/NRPE, the only condition is that this is reachable from the satellite then.

Please show the current configuration bits thus far, to get a better picture of what you’re trying to achieve.