Display services over many nodes - configuration

Hello guys,

i would like to check Kubernetes(Cluster) not redundantly, but would like to use virtualhosts or hosts without agent, so to speak only as a proxy to display the checks there.

I could provide a physical small host everywhere, but would there also be the possibility to solve the whole thing with virtualHosts or is that not possible?

I look forward to your feedback

A host object in Icinga2 doesn’t need to be a physical host at all.

As you can change the host check command, nothing is stopping you from using the dummy check. Also you can change the status of your k8s “host” for example if your cluster isn’t reachable, to critical via API.

Same is true for the service objects, you can push what ever you wan’t into them, in terms of status (0-4), message (some strings without |) and perfdata.

Have a look at Icinga2 Api - Icinga 2 and Monitoring Plugins Development Guidelines .