Disk in 'critical' state but none of the critical thresholds are met

Basically my issue is what the title states. I have a disk check on one of my servers and it is showing up as ‘critical’ on the icinga web page. The issue is that none of the filesystems being checked are actually at the value set to give a critical warning. I’ve reloaded icinga on both my master and agent but it has not fixed the issue.

And what’s the output? And the output when launched manually with the same parameters?


Please make sure, that the “Check Source” in icingaweb2 shows the correct system.


Yes. The check source is the correct machine

On the icingaweb2 under plugin output it shows “disk critical”. It then lists all the filesystems which show that none are at the critical/warning threshold.

I ran the /check_dish on the / partion './check_disk -w 85% -p / ’ and it outputs that the disk is OK.