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I have created a Host with several services, and everything works with the icinga agent. The problem comes when the disk is full, the rest of the plugins stop working and I get errors that are not real. Is there any way to disable the rest of the check when a critical arrives from the disk?
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Hi @azofreitor

you could do this with a simple dependency. Link to examples.


disable_checks = true
disable_notifications = true

If you want to disable both checks and notifications.

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This is correct?

When i execute icinga2 daemon -C show me this error
[2021-06-17 13:58:46 +0200] warning/ApplyRule: Apply rule ‘prueba_benecenvd15’ (in /var/lib/icinga2/api/zones/director-global/director/dependency_apply.conf: 1:0-1:47) for type ‘Dependency’ does not match anywhere!

Is your host.name correct?

Also the ‘State and transition type filters’ should be set to ‘Ok’ or maybe ‘Ok’ and ‘Warning’ so if the state of the disk service is in ‘Critical’ or ‘Unknown’ state, the dependency fails and triggers the notifications and checks to stop.

Quote from the aforementioned link:

The following example will make the dependency fail and trigger it if the parent object is not in one of these states:

states = [ OK, Critical, Unknown ]