Disable notification for checks


I’ve a question about notifications.
I create a service and this service is applied to many hots.
Notifications are enabled for this service, but for some hosts I want to disable this notification.

Is there any mean to configure that? (if possible only for this service, not all services)
I tried to play with enable of disable notifications but with no success (all notifications continue to be sent)

I read docs but with no success.

Thanks for help

We simply disable notification for particular services checks in icingaweb2 (this even allows everyone to see if a notification is disabled).


But in my case I’ve many and many hosts and my services are applied to these hosts, so I need to disable notification only for some hosts , and I need to do to this automatically on my config, with
enable_notifications = false
for example.
But service notification seems to be taken first so notification continue to be sent.