DIrector not sending Messages


I´m new to icinga2 and tasked with setting up a new intallation because the old one died.

Icinga2, Web2, DIrector is running and able to check on agent. Right now i am stuck with
sending Notifications over the Director. As MTA is Exim4 installed and working( is able to send mails within our network). I think it is not working beacuse im configured something within the director wrong
but after sending a custom notification ‘tail -f /var/log/icinga2/icinga2.log’ is diplaying

New client connection from []:42936 (no client certificate)

[2020-07-10 09:04:34 +0200] information/HttpServerConnection: Request: POST /v1/actions/send-custom-notification (from []:42936), user: root, agent: ).

[2020-07-10 09:04:34 +0200] information/Checkable: Checkable ‘monitoring-target!check-disk’ has 1 notification(s). Checking filters for type ‘Custom’, sends will be logged.

[2020-07-10 09:04:34 +0200] information/HttpServerConnection: HTTP client disconnected (from []:42936)

Has anyone encountered a similar situation?

Have you checked /var/log/mail.log or those files are there am using Sendmail and in those files errors sending mail are shown. Also check /var/log/icinga2.

The problem in this case was that i forgot to set the time zone in my notifications

Hi @Florian !

So you figured it out alright?
In that case you can mark your own answer as the “solution” :slight_smile:

Have a good day!