Director Module Error message if it's executed by a job

Hello Community,

I’ve created a new Director Module (thanks to @dgoetz) to add a new Modifier Property to the Import Source in icingaweb2 director.

Furthermore, I created a module to Import sources from a database which is not supported by director.

Both modules are working really well if I click on the “Trigger Import Run” button:

But If I wait for the automatic import job, then the results looks like this:

It looks like, that the import job has a different environment.

Does anyone have an idea to get rid of this error?

Did you restart the daemon already? It looks like it loads all enabled modules only during the start. (But this is a part of the code I never looked into before)

That was a good hint. I did not think of that.

I restarted the Daemon on the system:
systemct restart icinga-director.service

But the error still exists :frowning:
Please give me more of these good pointers!