Director hosts not visible in Overview

On a newly build IcingaWeb2 version 2.7.1 and Director 1.6.2, the first host I added to through director is not visible under Overview option.

I have read from -

When new to the Director please make your first steps with a naked Icinga environment. Director is not allowed to modify existing configuration in /etc/icinga2 . And while importing existing config is possible (happens for example automagically at kickstart time), it is a pretty advanced task you should not tackle at the early beginning.

How can this be fixed? Please help.


Can you share the configuration of the host ?
Can you see it in the configuration with the CLI ? ( icinga2 Object list --type Host --name )

What does the Activity log in the director show about the deployment ?

Thanks Assaf. I managed to resolve the issue by including api-users.conf, Conf.d/app.conf & conf.d/commands.conf in \etc\icinga2\icinga.conf file. Then a import from Director has resolved the issue.