Director do not show ICINGA2 host

I want to add one more check to my ICINGA2 server.
Icinga2 is managed by Director and I was able to add other hosts with director, BUT I canno edit the ICINGA2 host itself.
It is correct ?
How can I add\delete service to ICINGA2 host with director ?

Hi & welcome to the icinga community,

I’d assume you have chosen yes during the the icinga node wizard to include conf.d. As a result your icinga host is defined via conf files (which are just examples), hence, you cannot edit it at the director. The recommended way to correct this, is to comment out this line in your icinga.conf

#include_recursive “conf.d”

and then create a now host object in the director.


I check the file “/etc/icinga2/icinga2.conf” and here I found that the line
include_recursive “conf.d”
Is already comment out.
But “director” cannot manage the master node, yet…

Icinga 2 was restarted after commenting out the conf.d inclusion?
Are there any other config files holding hosts and/or service objects?

Did you add the master to the director already?

Not really…
I can see by default the master node, but I not added by myself…
I suppose that if I ADD manually with directo there is a double host monitored…
Isn’t it ?

That sounds strange. Can you show your master object:

icinga2 object list -n < name of your master >

The default localhost object is created be the files in the conf.d folder.
If this host is still there, the inclusion of the directory is still active.

Please show the contents of the icinga2.conf.
If this is really commented out with //, then my question remains: