Director Deployment

HI there,

i just wanted to ask on how can i proceed with this one as im stuck on it.

hoping for a favorable response.

thanks in advance.


did you check your kickstart.ini or your config in the UI in “infastructure” → “Kickstart assistent”?

this is what is shown in my UI.

i dont know how to continue and configure.

hoping for someone to help me,

It looks like you didn’t configure this: Automation - Icinga Director

what should i run first or do first, i think i ran into this but i hit a snag or didnt continue before since i’m not familiar

Kickstart can’t work if you don’t create the kickstart.ini or write the data into the UI :wink:

how to create the kickstart.ini?

As every other file under linux:
vim kickstart.ini