Different notification for the same Service

Hi Community,
I have a strange pb and hope there is a solution for it (or best praxis)
I have a http_service check like follow:

apply Service "http-" for (http_vhost => config in host.vars.vhosts) {
import "generic-service"
check_command = "http"
vars += config
vars.http_vhost = http_vhost
notes = "HTTP checks for " + http_vhost
if (host.vars.stage == "production") {
  host.vars.notification["sms_service_workhours"] = {
   groups = [ "webadmins" ]
assign where host.vars.vhosts

What I would like is :
For example vhost server1.example.com notify UserA or Group A with email and for vhost server2.example.com notifiy UserB or GroupB with SMS.

Is this possible or should I create for each vhost the own Service?

Would be great to get some hint