DHCP service in grafana not showing any data


im currently setting up a small monitor satellite on a pi. Works great so far and icinga is allready checking the status of the dhcp with the check_dhcp plugin. This works nice so far.

Creating some graphs in grafana I have trouble getting data about the DHCP status. Im using influxdb. When I use the explore feature from grafana and e.g. put in dns or http it can deliver data like expected. If i change to DHCP I get nothing :frowning:

I fear im probably missing something really easy here.

KR Rene

Hello and welcome.
Are you sure that the check reports performance data?
how does the output of the check look like on the CLI? Is there a | to separate the text output from the perf data output?

If so, is the check configured to process perf data (with enable_perfdata = true) either via the service template directly or via an imported template. If this option is not set in any template the default is true, so you have to set it to false explicitly to not process perf data.

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template Service “dhcp” { check_command = “dhcp” }

This is my template made in the director.

Plugin Output

OK: Received 1 DHCPOFFER(s), max lease time = 3600 sec.

Theres no real performance data. Thought I could grab the ok or lease time for graphing :confused:

If there is no perf data in the output separated with a pipe | from the textual output, then there is nothing forwared from icinga to influx. Which in turn means there is nothing grafana can use to draw a graph.

I have never used that check, but maybe there are some parameters you can try and see if those produce some perf data.